Suggestion: Blacksmith

Suggestion: Blacksmith

Postby icyglaze » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:48 am

Premise: 5* weapons are cool, with the highest tiers having cool effects. However, the nature of evolving 5* weapons to their maximum tiers is, by design, near impossible even for the highest paying players. To allow players to fully enjoy all game features as intended, more avenues to acquire 5* weapons should be provided.

Suggestion: Many previous suggestions have been given, so here, I give a new one for consideration - introducing the blacksmith, an NPC which allows the exchange of weapon parts for 5* weapons.

Specifically, create a new drop scattered across various quest maps, pet raids, pet rescues, heroes hall, devil runs, guild war random drops, guild dungeon drops (non-auction), guild mine raids, lucky cards, relic hunts - i.e. all current game features, with each feature dropping a specific drop. Heck, introduce new mechanics for these drops - killing heroes through a counter or pet ability during practice fights, successful defending of an arena match, etc. I imagine 9 specific items, acquired through specific means, allowed to be exchanged with this newly created NPC for a random, guaranteed, non-raidable, 5* weapon.

I believe this will greatly enhance game-play experience, do consider it.

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