When to use a skill?

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When to use a skill?

Postby JohnnyG » Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:57 am

How do you know if you need to use a skill?

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Re: When to use a skill?

Postby BanzaiBob » Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:30 pm

Using skills comes down to two options:
Are you facing an enemy that can kill you such as the guardian of dreams early game or or in pvp where high enemy damage and defense mean your only real chance of winning is to use a skill.
Or - Do you want to get through your fights faster such as against normal enemies when you cant spend too much time on the game.
Strong enemies will kill you unless you finnish them quickly but the chance of this drops to next to nothing at lvl 40+ due to the stats and equipment you get so the higher you get the less often you will need to use a skill against the ordinary enemies - including elite/super elite.
The arena is the absolute opposite - The stronger you get, the stronger your opponents will be and without using skills you simply cannot end the fight. I had this problem today - we both had high hp, block %, and healing allys and then I ran out of skill points. It became impossible for either of us to win the battle as any damage was instantly healed - no skills = no winner. It is the high lvl skills that are needed to overcome your opponents defense and you need to hit for more than they can heal per round which can be over 500 points per round with the right equipment so be warned !!!
If you want to speed up your fights then you need to pace out you skill points over the amount of battles you can do - the simplest way would be to use the 1 point skill all the time - cheap yet damaging enough to be worth it. Depending on your cash you can use higher lvl skills and buy dust from the shop (later on you can bank often and get it cheaper from the wandering dust merchant)
As you move through the game you will get a feel for when you need to use your skills and may use a far different set of tactics to these. Hope this is the info you are looking for - if you need anything more then just ask me or some of the other guys around here - wolfy and gwyn are always good for high lvl info and advice.
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