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Please Explain

Postby ajf1967 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:06 pm

Hi. I need someone to explain, how does someone lvl 15, be wearing items many lvls above their lvl? First of all, you can't BUY em if they are out your lvl range. I have people attacking me in arena (I don't mind that) but what I do mind is the obvious advantage they have with higher lvl gear. Am I missing something?
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Re: Please Explain

Postby BanzaiBob » Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:22 pm

There are two ways they can get equipment above what is available in the shop - from the section often refered to as the premium shop which is the second tab along top of the weapon/armour screen which offers random equipment, usualy of a higher grade and with bonus stats. Or they may get them from item drops - monsters, quests, or guardian of dreams - these items are also of a higher level and have better stats than are generaly for sale in the shops.
The level of a player does not have any effect on the gear they can use - a lvl 1 player could in effect use lvl 50+ gear if they could get their hands on it and had the minimum str needed although at the moment there is no way for this to happen. Keep looking and Im sure you will find some good stuff of your own.
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Re: Please Explain

Postby wolfy42 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:43 pm

For the most part the equipment by itself will not make a huge difference especially at lower lvls (under say 40 or so).

While I was leveling up I ONLY bought the normal weapons (and only the most expensive) in each shop as I went to a new town. They are fairly cheap and give a large boost in offense. I did not buy any special weapons (from the last tab) until I was lvl 50 or so.

The most important special weapons (in my opinion) to get are an enchanted staff (20% skill damage) and guardian sword (20% block).

Everything else is just a minor boost pretty much.

As far as armor....NEVER buy armor......just wait and you'll get whatever you want by defeating the guardian of dreams or finishing side quests etc.

All that money can be spent boosting your con and strength through the healer......and later on buying fairy dusts for PvP combat.

While you can get the next highest weapon in the speciality shop the cost is extreme and you should level up to where you can get the base weapon (or one much higher) in the next town for much less.

As an example while your at the princess's castle the highest staff you can buy is an elm staff that has a damage rating of 210. If you click on the last tab you might find a jeweled staff of speed for sale....with a damage of 252!!! Wow you say...that is amazing what an improvement so you save up all your money to buy the jeweled staff which costs over 10x as much as the elm. Then you level up a few times and move on to the next town where you see that a long staff is sold with a damage of 290....and it only costs 4x as much as the elm staff. That is a ton of money wasted for a very short period of advantage....and that advantage only really helps in pvp (since you'll destroy the random monsters just fine anyway).

That is why I held off buying speciality weapons till 50 or so because there was no point till I got to the final town and had access to the best weapons anyway.
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Re: Please Explain

Postby Morgoth » Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:30 am

Join a guild and you'll get armor and weapon up to 8 levels more than your level.
There is a vault where upper level guild members can share items for you.
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