Mystic Stones.

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Mystic Stones.

Postby kaikikat » Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:26 am

In the updates page the details about the mystics aren't fully posted. So can you tell me the details again, mainly where to get the mystic stones and how many you get per each spot. Thanks.
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Re: Mystic Stones.

Postby Vitreous » Tue May 01, 2012 2:02 am

You can read this below, or you can always click the "?" next to the Mystic Hall title in game to bring up this info. All the changes to the basic system are posted in the updates.

Dream World adventurers have discovered the Mystic Mines near Mt. Killjoy. They also found ancient schematics for building Mystic Wonders using the mystic stones found in the mines. It was rumored that these wonders have magical powers and grants bonuses to those who build them.

Mystic Wonders
There are 7 unique Mystic Wonders that can be built in Dream World during the "build phase". Before the 7 wonders are built, each time a guild defeats one the keepers in the Mystic Mines or an Isendel boss, they will earn Mystic Stones that automatically be added to their wonder progress (Gnome and Isendel=1 stone, Orc=2, Drow=3). Once a guild has placed 100 stones into a wonder, that wonder will be completed and will become one of the 7 Mystic Wonders in the order below. Once a wonder is built, it will come to life and grant an experience bonus to the guild that built it.
Mystic Guardian - 24% Experience + (3% for each wonder destroyed)
Mystic Fallen - 23% Experience + (3% for each wonder destroyed)
Mystic Dragon - 22% Experience + (3% for each wonder destroyed)
Mystic Phoenix - 21% Experience + (3% for each wonder destroyed)
Mystic Unicorn - 20% Experience + (3% for each wonder destroyed)
Mystic Griffin - 20% Experience + (3% for each wonder destroyed)
Mystic Serpent - 20% Experience + (3% for each wonder destroyed)

War Phase
Once all 7 wonders become live, the war phase starts. Any level 71+ players from guilds that declared hostile relations can attack the wonders for large amounts of experience. However, the attacker needs to first defeat 3 guild members guarding the wonders (randomly selected from defending guild's roster of players within 10 levels of attacker, with some exceptions). If guild has less than 30 members, then no defender will be present. Unlike Arena fights, defenders do not lose or gain experience, nor can they retaliate as no notices will be generated. Defenders will have 2X of normal HP (2.4X for void), but the level handicaps will not be applied so it's possible for level 71 players to defeat defender with much higher level.

The wonders have extreme high defense and each will start with 2 billion HP. If one player deals more than 600 million damage to the wonder, the wonder will automatically regenerate the remaining damage after combat. The guild who built the wonder can "repair" the wonder by gathering more mystic stones, each will heal the status for 1% health. However, each wonder can only be repaired 30 times, with each stone counting as a repair. Up to 20 more repairs become available (capped at 30) whenever another wonder is destroyed.

Once a wonder reaches 0 HP, it will be destroyed and cannot be rebuilt until the the war phase is over, and all remaining wonders will gain 3% extra bonus. The top 10 players contributing highest damage will receive 20%/18/16%/14%/12%/10%/8%/6%/4%/2% exp bonus until the next the start of the next war phase (summed total capped to 20% for any player). To prevent stalemate, all wonders defense may be reduced if no wonder is defeated for extended period of time.

When all 7 wonders are destroyed. The game will be back in the "build phase" of the Mystic Wars. Guilds with stones leftover during the previous "build phase" will have them rolled over into the new "build phase" (maximum rollover: 90).
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