FAQ about "Restart" required if i may..

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FAQ about "Restart" required if i may..

Postby Deckard » Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:50 am


i'm thinking about restarting but i've got many unanswered questions and didn't find any clear answers on the forum. Here are my questions about restarting :

1) You keep remaining gems and all premium items you've bought, right?

2) What about premium ally? I bought the High Priestess but i've read in another post that once you've restarted, your premium ally is not usable anymore even though it appears as bought (guess you can't buy another one). So what's the issue? Its level is resetted? Is it usable?

3) Everything is erased : money/stashed money, items/stored items, you restart from lvl1, logic. But what about the learning points i bought with gems? Do i recover them? Do i recover the spent gems?

4) Do you keep the bank subscription as well? (by the way, what's the issue with the "no-restriction world travel" when joining the bankers' guild?)

5) Character's name is erased? Is the previous nickname re-usable?

That's all i have for the moment, if anyone has clear and verified answers, please feel free to share!
Thanks in advance.
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Re: FAQ about "Restart" required if i may..

Postby attony » Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:18 pm

If you just read down a few posts on this forum, you'd see my topic, which is quite similar.

1) you keep remaining gems and premium items. (at least the ones I had)
2) no clue, but I lost my non-premium ally.
3) learning points is all erased. Used gems don't come back. I was smart enough to trade my yellow gems in right before restarting. XD
4) You should keep the bank, but I didn't test that. no-restriction travel means you can travel to an area once it shows up. Otherwise, you'd either need a higher level or more guild members before you are allowed to travel to the next area.
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Re: FAQ about "Restart" required if i may..

Postby Deckard » Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:34 pm

Thanks for answers!

I indeed checked the other posts about the matter of restarting but didn't find any clue about spent gems. Now i'm fixed, on the Kong forum someone said that the premium ally restart from level 1 and is USABLE form the very beginning. It seems that crystals are saved as well

You seem to know pretty much, i have a question about guilds : i'd like to join one but i don't want to add multiple unknown people to my FB profile. I guess that the bonuses stack, but do they benefit only the guildmaster or every guildmembers? In such case, it would be really worth the matter!

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Re: FAQ about "Restart" required if i may..

Postby wolfy42 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:20 pm

Just you.....although if the guild members add you to their guild they get a bonus from you as well (but just 1...they have to add your other friends as well individually to get all the bonuses). Having multiple friends in the same guild together leads to the ability to get 5 crystals a day if everyone sends out 1 crystal. You can recieve 6 crystals a day...minus the 1 you sent out...means a net profit of 5 crystals per day...so having multiple friends in the same guild is a big bonus.

On the subject of restarting I would like to see that changed a bit. I think gems that a player spends to gain learning points should be automatically refunded when a player resets along with all gems for premium items and ally's. This allows a player to restart with a mostly equal advantage as before. You lose all LP bonuses from crystals...but you have the ability to rebuy the LP bonuses you orignally got the first, second or third time around.

Also I think a bonus should be given for resetting after a certain point. Nothing huge or unbalancing but perhaps the character can gain a 1% bonus per 10 levels they have reached when they reset maxing at a 5% bonus at level 50. As a reward for reseting at lvl 50 as well I would suggest giving characters a 20 gem bonus (it's more then likely they got at least 5 whites and probably quite a few pinks by the time they reach 50 anyway) to help them start off with a bang.

As an extra incentive to level up past 50 perhaps additional bonuses could be given for each level past 50 that you attain before you reset.

I think resetting (or re-incarnating) could be used as a method to expand the length of the game significantly. Eventually post 50 is going to get a bit dull for players who can't get into the top 20 and compete for rank within a week or 2 heh. I think a universal rank list that shows where you are compared to everyone else might help that...but more is going to be needed to keep players going past 50 eventually.Right now the carrot is that the top players are in their 50's as well...so you might get past them.....but once the top players are all post 60....maybe not so much!!
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Re: FAQ about "Restart" required if i may..

Postby Deckard » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:26 pm

Thanks wolfy42, i guess i'm going to seek for a guild to join so!
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