A heads up....

Re: A heads up....

Postby Mutt » Thu May 02, 2013 4:55 pm

I quit posting links to my friends months ago because of this...any time I tried to share a crystal it was instantly expired...I'm pretty irritated all you involved are also the ones witch hunting me and anyone associated to me...Doesn't feel that great does it? I hope they ban holier than thou attitude you have carried this entire time...at least I own up when I screw up...I'm ready to be blocked by you now sweetheart...since we all know thats how real problems are solved...
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Re: A heads up....

Postby KingOfJesters » Thu May 02, 2013 5:01 pm

Maria wrote:I am just posting because you keep going The devs have the facts inc the screenshots and my game log. I prefer actual facts to ones you guys made up lol. You carry on though - facts are facts, simple :)

Are you sure you want to block Tracey?

Tracey will no longer be able to:
See things you post on your timeline
Tag you
Invite you to events or groups
Start a conversation with you
Add you as a friend
If you're friends, blocking Tracey will also unfriend her.
Instead, you may want to send Tracey a message because she might not know she is bothering you. Let her know.
These ARE the facts and she has been subverting them
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Re: A heads up....

Postby ava » Thu May 02, 2013 5:16 pm

dreamwarrior *offers a shiny red apple to your white horse*

you should read what you are debating against. If you had read my post you would know "i didn't say i didn't care".

1) If i don't care.. i don't post.
2) Sometimes.. i care and i don't post.
3) But sometimes, i care and i DO post. =)

This is one of those times.

I care that people that have been posting links to help others (i.e. knowing certain people are online to get them) are having those links abused (by the devs own description) The proven fact, by Tracey's own words in global chat show she was happily using a word document from links on her wall over the months. Let me know if you wish to have a screenshot of that chat.

Dreamwarrior, if you are trying to support Tracey. Do what you can. It's nice to have friends, especially when we are wrongly accused of things. But in the case of proof of misdoing, it is especially important that you actually debate the facts instead of just trying to get someone to shut up that DOES have the facts.

If you have something factual to say, let's clear the air and debate that. But simply trying to get someone to shut up because you think you have all sides of an issue doesn't make you look very creditable in a debate.

Let's debate the actual facts. Do you have proof that the devs said she was innocent? Do you have proof that she didn't ever say she used a word document with links she had collected?

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Re: A heads up....

Postby DrPhil » Thu May 02, 2013 5:56 pm

Well i for one am shocked and appalled. To find that this self-styled paragon of gaming virtue should resort to such loathsome behavior based entirely on self interest is deeply disturbing. I have seen the conversation and it is abundantly clear that a registry of crystal links was kept and used in order to exact an unfair advantage.

To then distance yourself from your own words and then deliberately offer a misleading defense is shameful and embarrassing. Are you really asking us to believe that your list contained no more than facebook names? Are you really suggesting that your involvement in this harvesting extravaganza is restricted to searching peoples personal walls on the off chance that they have shared a link? Is your opinion of your gaming peers really so maladjusted that you expect us to believe this loose stool water?
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Re: A heads up....

Postby admin » Thu May 02, 2013 11:12 pm

Actually, with the current game it's very difficult to distinguish when a player copies an old link and paste it, versus going to list of friends feed and clicking from the feeds page. To be clear, this means I have not vouched for anyone whether they have or have not pasted old links. We may be adding ways to monitor this behavior by adding warning logs regarding crystal claimed and how often player uses really old link.

I am going to lock this thread since I have already explained that is okay and not okay in my original reply on the first page, which I expect everyone to follow from now on. I would like to also ask people to refrain from posting in-game chats. It's okay to post to the forum regarding rule clarifications, cheating, and exploits in general, but refrain from naming any specific player. Player specific information should be sent to me via private message or sent to the FB support email/form.
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