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Need I say more? This is now the 2nd time he has been reported for breaking the ToS mainly

1. You will not harassing other players, in character, or out.
2. Do not use offensive or sexual explicit language. This includes character names.
8. Do not use any inappropriate behavior not listed here.

Now I know admin you have seen the print screens I sent before and the ones which included a facebook message saying anyone who isn't American lives in a 3rd World country and need to die, well now its come off from just being a facebook message and is coming into DreamWorld, now I know saying about he will be told to remove it, but in fairness I don't think that is enough, this is coming under extreme racist remarks here and something seriously needs to be done about him.
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Re: TheUnknownComic

Postby dreamwarrior254 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:38 pm

I find his arena message extreme offensive. As this isn't the first time he has been reported for spouting racist slurs either in guild chat (a facebook issue) and in global chat something really has to be done about his game character.

I have many friends that play this game that are Canadian, and I'm sure they will be extremely interested to see how you handle this situation.
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Re: TheUnknownComic

Postby admin » Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:16 pm

Thanks for the report. It might be just a joking comment directed a country (Canada is not a race, and no one really can have anything against such nice country), but the it can be badly misinterpreted as hate speech. We will force change it, as well as send the player a warning against using similar comments or have account banned for the next offense.
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