Faction War 2

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Re: Faction War 2

Postby lonewolf0098 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:24 pm

also i keep readin bout "merge" why not just link both servers give some benefits to whatever server we end up with take away some of our benefits . add a sign up option to our current server for those who dont wanna deal with kong or fb adds cuz really only way to get rid of kong adds is by becomin a kong plus member i think thats what its called and why would someone wanna pay 25$ or 30$ to not see adds i think it was yearly but still . makin virtual allys available would be wise . also if ya want some players to stay interested how bout addin more premium items or give players gift even if its not somethin that does nothin some might find it cool if 1 day they log in and they get a gift from yall lets say a aniversary gift for playin dw for each year like i said dont have to do anythin but maybe look cool/pretty
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