Absolutely poor Mystery Box drops

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Absolutely poor Mystery Box drops

Postby RichieM » Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:27 am

This is to point out that the drops from the mystery boxes are a stale joke that do not evoke the slightest hint of amusement from a lot of the players. I do not understand the devs logic with the kind of weapons and armor that come out from the boxes, especially for high level players. Unless the devs think that players 90+ need all powerful alien battle plates of life +3 to defeat Poseidon or the alien staff of speed +3 to do heavy damage to the fallen. It's drops like these that lessen my interest for the game seeing as all new content is for levels 95+. Well, if you want to retain interest please overhaul the drops from mystery boxes. Frankly speaking, most of them are an absolute waste of time.
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