Rare Drops??!!

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Rare Drops??!!

Postby King » Sat May 18, 2013 11:13 pm

So like today I totally got 7 extended orc drops from the orc mine!! I hunted so many Hectors and got them to drop and then I realized the devs posted that only Drow mines drops extended gear... Lols sorry people. I debated with all of you and realized it must have been from mystery boxes!

Now is the part where the following people should post and apologize for either of the following:

1) Lying to us that the drops had originated from Hector when they clearly did not, thus giving us false information. (Maria/dreamwarrior254)
2) Getting involved and getting mad at those of us who questioned how someone got 2 extended drops from Hector that did not exist. (Arctia/Avalin)

Thanks to DrPhil and KingofJesters for pointing the conversation in the CORRECT direction and giving us the CORRECT information!
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Re: Rare Drops??!!

Postby admin » Sun May 19, 2013 5:17 am

When I lock a thread, it means end of discussion on the topic. If those who were on the wrong side of argument feel they may have unintentionally mislead other players, they can create a new thread and make peace for themselves if they chose to. Though in this case, majority involved on the "other side" were mislead my a vague reply from us, while others may had things mixed up (eg. mixed up faction war claim links with hector or thought +1 thru +3 stat items are extended) or experienced some sort of rare glitch that we are unaware of and cannot find.

I am locking this thread because such demand for apology is a simply baiting a flame war, and I have already stated previously that no topics should be started pointing at any specific player. Anyone who attempts to start another similar thread that directs at a specific player(s) will have their forum access revoked.
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