KoD Win multipiler

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KoD Win multipiler

Postby Arctica » Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:42 am

Ok first off for people who want to say I'm complaining no I'm not.

But looking at how the multiplier works, it seems to not exactly make any sort of playing field fair, paid cards or free cards.

Seeing as we shall take Player A and Player B. Both say identical with 60 card %

Now both win 19 fights and lose 1 fight in the same day, Just Player A loses the 1st fight and Player B loses the 5th fight.
Although both have 19 wins and 1 loss on the 1st day. Player A will have a pretty significant advantage of 66 points a head of Player B.

Now how in any form of logic can any sort of tournament have 2 people with identical win/lose records differed by that sort of margin? To me and the few people I've said the same thing to it makes 0 sense 19 wins, 1 loss should equal identical points regardless of when they lose. Its say the World Cup which is going on. Your team wins there 1st and 3rd group match and loses the 2nd, and get knocked out by 2 teams which won both there 1st 2 games and lost the 2nd (even though theoretically its impossible, but you should see the point)
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Re: KoD Win multipiler

Postby Vitreous » Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:17 am

I don't think there is anything "unfair" about how they choose to do the math for the multiplier. It is designed to reward win chains, not overall percentage of the win/loss ratio, otherwise the bonus in itself is meaningless.

Have you ever gone bowling? Someone that tanks the first frame, then finishes out with all strikes beats another player shooting 4 strikes, tanking the 5th frame, then punching out the game, losing by 30 points even though each player rolled the same number of balls and scored, overall, the same absolute number of strikes vs. gutter-balls.

The process for the KoD is not really any different, in concept. It's just "bowler's math".
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Re: KoD Win multipiler

Postby Arctica » Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:45 am

Ok, lets take bowling, X amount of pins and a ball, everyone has an equal chance the only difference is it is down to either luck or player skill.

Now football, down to whoever has the top team with the best players and highest amount of cash.

So using bowling as the KoD multiplier, and football to how the cards are actually in the game.

Bowling = equal chance, Point multiplier
Football = No way a equal game, Standard 3, 1, 0 point system no multiplier

EDIT: To just prove my point on the fact bowling can use a multiplier or whatever it is:

The weight of the ball must not exceed 16.00 pounds (7.26 kg),
The hardness of the ball must be at least 72, as measured by a Type D Shore durometer
A ball may have a circumference between 26.704 inches and 27.002 inches
Diameter in the range of 8.500 inches 8.595 inches.

^ All those proves my point they have rules in place to allow stuff to multiple the score seeing as everyone is pretty much equal in what they use minus just a few slight differences.

I can't personally say I've seen people like FIFA say "No you can't buy him, because he has skills better then the entire Premiership". Which is why due to the uneven playing field there is no multiplier or anything in the points its a plain 3, 1, 0.

Which the again comes back to my point, there is no ruling on what cards/limit to how many/deck strength. Which means the point multiplier has created a more uneven playing field.
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Re: KoD Win multipiler

Postby Solomon Grundy » Mon Jun 16, 2014 2:01 am

It's not an uneven playing field. Everyone plays by the same rules. Everyone gets to use 10 cards. There's your ruling on what people can use. We all know streaks are the way to rack up the highest points.

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