Build in Mystics

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Build in Mystics

Postby Arctica » Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:59 am

Ok so after not the last mystics but the one before, build was dragged out over 2 days, which annoyed quite a few people :roll:

Is it possible to add like a build timer from when the 2nd to last one is built of say 3/6 hours then if no one has built it gets auto built by the guild with the most stones, and if there is a tie of a few with 90 stones to do it with the highest guild fame?

2 days waiting for 1 mystic is kinda pointless, and I thought Hell 7/8/9 was an attempt to make people level? Kinda hard on weekdays to gain a fair few %'s when you end up missing 20% exp boost because no one will build
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