Some suggestions

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Some suggestions

Postby Eoma » Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:11 pm

I've been on Dream world for a while, I'm level 70 almost 71, now in this time there has sadly been long spans of inactivity however I've discovered that the game could use a few slight tweaks such as:

Banking: If you want to withdraw 100b from your bank on occasion you manage to mistype and withdraw either too much or too little and if it's too little you have to withdraw more but if it's too much you have to re-deposit and that comes at a loss of your money unless you are in the bankers guild.
My suggestion is the ability to type something as the such in the bar that you type into withdraw coins,

100m= withdraw one hundred million
10k= 10,000
etc, it's kind of self explanatory .

Now, onto the guild portion:

The guild message, or details amount is sometimes too little, if possible could you increase it? (The amount you can type ofc..)
Sometimes, you want to advertise just how much your guild does? All of it's requirements, etc? Well You cant really do that, all of it that is under such a limit without cutting your words down, some people don't really want to do that.

Also, requesting items from the vault, the guild should be able to set the amount through a check box or a interchangeable drop down box, ranging from 30mins to even twelve hours because I've seen a guild that wouldn't let you have your requested item unless twelve hours had passed, I'm sure they had their reasons. But, If someone is receiving help on furthering their gear and they are willing to give them a full for example crystal set, *just the weapon and armor* the person on the receiving end has to wait four hours to receive part of his set? If they're going to do something big together this counts as downtime on that persons part and somewhat on the guilds part.

Crystals: When sending and receiving free crystals on occasion Facebook lets you down pretty hard. I feel that, when sending them they should be sent in like, a message that is received on the home page of your particular dream world account, because even the notifications mess up it's an imperfect program of 'course.
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