Reversed Black Market

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Reversed Black Market

Postby Arctica » Thu Nov 06, 2014 2:06 pm

Ok, so while watching the Black Market for ages as you do, or least I do :P I was thinking back to an old game I used to play maybe 10/11 years ago which kinda had the same thing but was made to be a reversed style of an auction. Which basically was the lowest unique bid wins the auction.

But was thinking more along these lines:

(Bottom BM item) :P
* positron staff of power +5 169 655,000,000 720,500,000

So instead of say someone with a massive bank balance bidding 15tril coin (which I doubt they will)
You have the item and its orignal price which came up on the BM, then the next bidding price, so could start the bidding at 720,500,000 then allow each player who bids on it 5 chances to win the bid but having the lowest unique bid, not the highest so someone could win the item at 720,500,001 or at the same time be something like 1,546,237,987,159 completely random numbers.
With the lowest unique winning and the bids of the other players sent back into there bank.

So 2 people could bid on that item Player A and Player B

Player A puts in 5 bids of 720,500,000, 720,500,002, 720,500,004, 720,500,006, 720,500,008
Player B puts in 5 bids of 720,500,000, 720,500,001, 720,500,003, 720,500,004, 720,500,005

When the timer runs out Player B would win the with lowest bid of 720,500,001 (of course multiple people won't be so easy to win with bids like that) then the 5 bids by Player A are sent to there bank and the 4 other bids apart from the lowest unique one is sent back to Player B's bank etc...

Be fun to see people win MB's for a nice low amount of coin, but also allows lower members who don't have such a high bank balance the chance to win items and improve themselves, plus means people with higher bank balances can keep opening the higher hells or spend money on ep's etc...
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