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Postby Arctica » Thu May 21, 2015 8:39 am

etching wrote:
Arctica wrote:Tiers based on Arena Ring:
Tier 2: Doesnt have the ring - Will get the ring or deliberately finish 2nd all the time for 2nd place gems meaning they can farm gems from 2nd place and never until later in the game decide they have enough cards to win Tier 1.

But is that really sustainable over time to finish 2nd consistently? Because as time goes on, the field gets weaker
with top players moving onward, meaning more competition at the top spots.
Plus that's assuming you don't have two or more folks trying the same tactic at the same time...

Very simple, much rather sit there getting least 50 gems per week then having to force up and get maybe 10, plus it is very simple seeing as you dont have to do 20 fights per day so can get to 2nd then just not fight on the last day if not needed

EDIT: Plus keeping up with a weaker field on the KoD is simple, just remove cards you don't want, don't forget some people don't actually like the card exp boost as it forces them to level quicker then what they wanted, I mean if I really wanted to (which I don't) at level 100 I could have a card exp boost of 10
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