Gun Crit

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Gun Crit

Postby Gods Creator » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:21 am

Hey guys,

Ive been doing some testing and I wanted to share and confirm my findings.

Scoped guns with 40% crit rate means actually that they crit 40% more often, not that their crits do 40% more damage.

The class Mega Shot grants you 64% Gun Critical, which means that you will crit 64% more often, and also not that the crits do 64% more damage.

that higher crit chance gets converted to some +damage but in the long run its not worth mentioning because the damage increase is laughable.

What I was wondering is if Gun can do more damage than Staff because the guns get +6 for each enchant but then again mages benefit from the damage %tage on the weapon and not the raw damage.

Also not taking into account that Gun has 10% block which mages dont.

What do you think? given the same stats and just looking at single hits is mage or gun higher damage?
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Re: Gun Crit

Postby ThatJimGuy » Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:01 am

I was just doing some contemplations about guns of agility vs. scoped guns. I used to have a scoped gun +4, which had an x%+ Critical Rate. I noticed that on things like the alien mobs on the invasion, I could press the 'a' key to attack and it would power finish it on the first attack. Then, I got a gun of agility +6, which had no increase in critical rate, but had a huge increase in agility. Because, at least with the gunner classes, the amount your attack increases per successful chant of your gun increases as your agility increases (at least from my experience), this seemed like a good deal. I took an attack drop as is pretty much the norm when fusing a new weapon, but I got the lost attack back quicker due to the increase of dex which increased each chant potion's increase in attack. However, to confirm the first part of your post, I noticed that I often had to press the 'a' key several times (or just hold it down, really) to kill the mobs on the invasion and portal. So the attacks were not even close to as many critical attacks as the scoped gun. Also, after switching to the gun of agility, and chanting it to increase my attack by 50,000 or so (than what it was with the scoped before I fused to the agility), and my defense by 97... I noticed about a 20M average increase per pass on the faction. I don't know if this would be higher with the scoped gun chanted to increase the attack by 50K more or not. I am presuming not, since the first part of the critical rate associated with guns applies only to the chances of making a critical hit, not any increase in damage associated with a critical hit.

The second issue, I disagree with. Megashot Gun Critical DOES do more damage. Just test it on a boss. And the damage increase IS significant as long as your dex is high. However, I have found that if you're a gunner and want to maximize your damage/energy (IOW: you are more concerned with making the most use of your energy) then you should switch to Dragonlord. The extra 6% block, believe it or not, will give you more damage per energy, which is useful for factions, invasion, etc. If you don't care about energy and want to do as much damage as possible in the least amount of time, then go with Megashot. I'll do this if our mystic is under attack and we need to down bosses quickly for repairs, or maybe I want to get a week of heroic, but I have 1000e to use, so I'll down Hell Bosses with Megashot instead of Dragonlord since I want to use the energy up, but in a way to also help the guild.

OK, lastly, staff vs. gun. I started playing as sword class. I switched to gun, and have spoken with many mage/staff class players. Here is what I have gathered/deduced, and I would love more input because I have a hankering to switch classes again... : Best damage per energy: sword, Best damage per time: staff, Middle of the road: gun. Now, of course, this is all hard to verify because of stats and weapon bonuses and such, but I would say that staff with equally appropriately-distributed stats would do more damage per hit than gun, but would have less block, so would use more energy, thus doing less damage per energy, but more damage per time.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I hope it helps you or someone, at least.
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Re: Gun Crit

Postby ThatJimGuy » Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:16 am

ooops... I could be wrong... check out this old update under "Critical Hit Changes":

"If a players critical chance is over 100%, they will do slightly more damage based on critical chance (extra bonus is capped). This change will bring back some benefit for scoped guns and startshooter class for top gun users"
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Re: Gun Crit

Postby Jhirbirt » Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:08 am

This really baffles me and I know bungie must have their reasons but I don't see why golden gun doesn't crit. What makes even less sense is my hand cannon in one shot does twice as much damage as a single shot from the golden gun(crit spot).
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