Roll up,roll up !!

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Roll up,roll up !!

Postby Denzo » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:47 am

We here at Army of Darkness are looking to have a garage sale (not really,we giving stuff away.)

We have a vault full of drow gear just sitting going to waste,collecting dust,rusting away.Here is a list of the stuff we are giving away for

drow armor of agility +8 148
drow armor of regeneration +9 152
drow armor of speed +8 148
drow armor of speed +7 147
drow staff of agility +9 1778
drow armor of agility +8 148
drow armor of agility +8 148
drow armor of wisdom +9 149
drow armor of speed +8 148
Enchanted drow staff +8 1834
drow armor of power +9

See anything you want or another guild member could use,feel free to contact myself or another GO or the GM at AoD and we will see what we can arrange,or just leave a message here.First come first served basis 8-)

Stuff is being reserved and will be delivered soon as I fill up my bank.Anything else on this list that someone would like let me know and I will reserve them also.
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