positron drops for 1st place

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positron drops for 1st place

Postby Chimera » Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:58 pm

I was just wondering why is the drop from positron for 1st place a positron +1 wisdom armor for coming 1st i thought you have a 100% chance of getting a extended gear if you come 1st well that's what i got from the last gate i want to know if it was a mistake or that is what you are doing all that work and time doing that gate for if i wanted a +1 gear i would buy it from the black market and as a matter of fact i don't even see a +1 gear in the black market that often i realy don't think it's fair to do all that work on that boss and get crap like a +1 for coming 1st.....can you plz reply to me and let me know if am wrong and what can be done about it .....ty chimera of s11 i don't complain i just play the game almost 4 years now .........so i don't think that was fair :D :idea:
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Re: positron drops for 1st place

Postby admin » Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:25 am

The 100% upgrade chance for top finish only applies the item you received is upgradable - eg. the item has to be 1 level below the extended items (eg. attribute+3 or normal enchanted/scoped/guardian). Same applies for 2nd place's 50% chance, 3rd place's 30% chance, and 10% chance for other spots.

Right now, only level 100 players will always receive upgradable positron item, while other players will sometimes receive lower level items based on their level.

Note: It seems you posted this on the Time World forum instead Dream World. Please make sure you post in the appropriate forum in the future.
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