Consider this...

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Consider this...

Postby Mutt » Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:54 pm

I was hoping for some better class balancing in the next update but rather than that I would like this to be considered. With the addition of all the new tiers for weapons and armor(dex,int etc) it makes getting the gear you want or need a bit harder which is fine but...I think they could be more usable. For instance, a mage can use a wisdom, dex and enchanted staff...granted the enchanted has the most spell damage but the others are quite sufficient. Guns can use speed dex or scoped...I figure it works about the same for sword really gets the hammer...lowest damage out of the classes and without a guardian sword they cannot heres my thought...add the class modifier for each weapon type to every weapon...keep the enchanted,scoped, and guardian as the most boosted or add a little more on top to them...more spell damage, more critical or more block. This will broaden the game a bit while adding worth in a simple fashion. I hope this made sense...feel free to agree or disagree...all comments and further suggestions welcome.
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