Power rating malfunction...

Power rating malfunction...

Postby andrei » Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:28 am

It seems to only happen with fighters...

If i equip all fighters on my main 4 battle heroes (5th is mf), my power is ~153 mil...

now, when i lose some fighters in battles, heroes pull new ones from shipyard reserves, and power remains the same... however, when reserves are depleted, and a hero ends up with X amount of fighters under max allowed, power spikes... so when all 4 fighter heroes end up with less than max, my power spikes to ~183 mil...

now, it still never happens with ms*s... every time u lose em below reserves, your power drops till u rebuild em, re-equip em, etc... and it never used to happen with fighters before, either... only noticed it recently... been happening last 2 or 3 weeks... perhaps some sneaky bug after latest patch / upgrade ?


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Re: Power rating malfunction...

Postby admin » Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:47 am

Please check off the following when you see the problem.
1) Make sure all 5 war heroes are the exact 5 highest war hero you have (eg rank 1-5, with no one tied for 5th). Otherwise game may calculate based on max ship assigned to com heroes instead. This is the #1 reason for power spikes when the player incorrect assumes all assigned heroes are in the top 5.
2) Make sure they are assigned the maximum amount of ships they can carry, not just maximum of type remain available or game will calculate based on other ship type assigned to your highest com hero.
3) Make sure the max carry number says exact amount as the current assigned amount, sometimes the slider can be a little “stuck” and require you to click on the + to max out. (we probably will be adding a max button no next major update/expansion)
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