Pillar Dammage

Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby Gizmet » Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:57 am

Gizmet wrote:Especially, when all those people who only need 3-4 hits are concentrated into 3 galaxies that are locked against players who can't do 1.5 mil in one hit.

Okay, I'll admit that was probably an unfair statement. Maybe all you need to do to get into one of these galaxies is send the leader some mail saying, "hey can I join your galaxy."
But even if that's the only requirement, I'll stick to the galaxies where the only requirement is that you click a little button that says "join," thank you very much.
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby Dark2Elf » Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:14 pm

Increasing the pillar HP and reducing the damage cap will at least allow a pillar to survive a little longer, but scaling damage on pillars would be better.

While I enjoy the god like powers in TW, I don't see the point if the new people get frustrated and leave the game. If I was a dev I would try to introduce a number of balancing patches. Not to even things out completely but a little.
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby Darkonne » Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:45 am

The only problem with scaling down, is that it'll affect the newer players, as well.
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby admin » Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:22 am

We have increased the starting health of the pillars (to 50% of max) for now.
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby Piotrek » Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:28 pm

Ok, so now it's pillar's hp increased but dmg cap is still 2mln? So still we don't need to hit in teams for better dmg to pillars when some people is doing more than 2mln dmg? Cuz it's waste of ap in teams doing over hits. Cap would be raised too in that case.
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby vuduman78 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:12 pm

A better solution would be some manner to more actively defend the pillar. I have been thinking of ways that this could be done.

1) They could add a WoH mission to "recoup building materials" It would then heal the pillar if successful. Then there is an active decision to be made to either spend AP defending a pillar or attacking someone elses pillar.

2) You could also allow people to build flight groups which would function like preset defense groups. I recognize this could be somewhat dangerous, because you could stack the groups so as to be EXTREMELY hard to beat. Because pulling a dedicated group of Darkelf, Thanh,and Luthien would really suck. But this would also largely FORCE people to group to hit the pillar, and it could provide a nuanced element of strategy. Because if I know Darkelf is in the afore mentioned group, me and 1 other person wouldn't pull him so we could work around it. But it would force you to at least consider the oppositions make up and not be able to predict it before that first hit. As it is right now, I look at their roster to see who I will pull, and smash them if I like the match up. The way I am imagining it if Darkelf was in a dedicated flight group he couldn't be pulled to be a solo defense. Therefore just by looking I wouldn't know if I would get DarkElf or Jeroen. It would also allow you to strategically work around the soft spots in your galaxy roster. Now as to why I think it could be dangerous, I think that this might possibly lead to G20, G9, and G48 holding their pillars substantially longer than anyone else. And it could also force people to solo to get "under" the harder groups.

3)Add in a new mini game that buff your pillar for the next three attacks or something along these lines. Or you could do a mini game, and earn the guild points that the guild leader can then spend on buffs of a perhaps limited duration. If you do the set number of buffs, then a player knows after they do X mini game that the next 3 attacks the pillar will have 10% more lethality for instance. These are just ways for players to feel more actively involved in the pillar war.

As to the being in the top 5% of the game, that is definitely me. I hit for an average of 2 million per hit. Is it fun? Yes. But this game is pay to win, and I paid (more than I like to think about) and so I win. I am basically not even playing the same game as you Gizmet. I am playing a separate game against the other top 5%. Your pillars are just often the back drop for our competition. Sure you can earn everything I have in game without spending a dime, if you had all the time until the heat death of the universe to farm and play the RNG game.

As to lower galaxies breaking into the top 1 or two if they spend more AP, that isn't very feasible. You honestly could never spend double the AP I do on a pillar for instance. I Spend roughly 80% of my AP on a pillar, because I have a (very) limited pool of people I can hit and I can hold 60. And realistically there IS a food chain, that is determined first by how much you spend, and second by how active you are, and thirdly by your builds. I don't personally see this as a bad thing (But as I said I am a big fish).
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby Talon Lake » Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:48 pm

Increasing pillar hp just makes pillars fall slower, so less coupons for everybody.
I personally think there shouldn't even be a cap, though.. so if you are strong you can actually group up.
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby Brett » Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:29 pm

I say lower the pillar to 100 million and change the wait time after claiming from 24 hours to 6 hours
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby Gizmet » Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:42 pm

I agree with brett about lowering pillar hp and prot time.

1) lower hp/ prot time=pillars fall more often=more coupons earned
2) lower pillar hp gives less powerful galaxies more of a chance to occasionally break into top ranks, since it would take less damage to assure a top rank. But since this would require a concentrated attack by the whole galaxy, it allows the top 3 galaxies to continue enjoying their stranglehold on the top ranks, just a little less. And they'd still get more coupons overall because of point #1
3) the prot window seems to be unimportant to most players, as the only real point to using pillar crystals/ ore donations is for the coupons (they don't make any real contibution to how long your galaxy holds a pillar). And with pillars falling more often, they're also being claimed more often, so if you didn't have a pillar, it'd actually mean less wait time before you can use your crystals or donate your ore.
4) lower pillar hp means the use of pillar crystals or donating ore is actually more significant, since they would add a greater percentage of total hp to the pillar.

I dislike the idea of missions to buff your pillar or things like that, as that would inevitably result in the top 3 galaxies having 3 perma-pillars, which would give me one more reason to whine about the top 3 (and I'm running out of cheese).

And vudu, yeah, this is a pay-to-win game, which does put me in a whole different game to a large degree, but I've also only been at this game for two or three months. I think that with enough time (at least a year or two, I'm sure), I can, in fact, compete in the same game as you (i'll lose 98% of the time, but my 2% wins will taste so much sweeter than 8 years worth of your 98% wins all wrapped up in one).

This topic still hasn't actually reported a single real bug in the game.

And finally a quick note about game balance:
The developers have actually made a pretty well balanced game. The imbalance in this game is a direct result of the cream of the crop players all being concentrated in 3 galaxies. And I've noticed that most of the players who complain about this imbalance (excepting myself) are in these 3 galaxies.
So for my part, I intend to stop complaining about game balance (please call me out on this if I don't), as there's really nothing the developers can do about it and so there's no reason to keep asking them to.
But if you're upset about the lack of balance, and you're in one of the top 3 galaxies. The simple solution is to join a different galaxy. Then, lo and behold, we'll have a fourth galaxy that can compete. It'd definitely still be an underdog (after all there's not a lot of difference one player can make), but then again winning as an underdog, while more rare, is also a LOT more fun.
"It's not whether you win or lose. It's how much trash you talk while you play the game."
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Re: Pillar Dammage

Postby vuduman78 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:18 am

Yes Gizmet, you might catch me in a year if I didn't ever do anything. But I still progress constantly also.

As to lowering pillar health, to me that seems like a terrible idea. I am not even sure it would be more over all coupons for people, in fact I suspect it would be less. Pillars can already die within a half hour of them coming out of protection. If you cut the health to 100, it would be minutes that they stood. Thus you would just have to set a clock to get to hit a pillar. As it is, without any kind of special effort I can do 50-60 million to a pillar in 5 minutes time. Which means me and one other person could duo a tower easily. The faster an individual tower falls, the less chance for people to hit it, which means the coupons get distributed among fewer galaxies. (Hint: probably not your galaxy Gizmet, it would be pretty exclusively g20 and g9 I would guess) Heck, when it was 200m sometimes the list of galaxies that got to hit a pillar was rather short, but of the pillars right now only 1 has less than 7 galaxies on the roster of whom has hit it with a fairly small increase to how long any but the top two pillars last. So all in all I think the raising of the pillar health was a good thing for the lower tier players.

Cutting the pillar protection time would however yield a much greater coupon return much more immediately. But I believe they have the protection times on pillars so that there is some guaranteed time with the buff. So that if you want to work on your chapters (for example), or even get the increased resource production, you have a guaranteed 24 hour window for that.

Also the idea of being able to buff your pillar, is to make it an actual contest over the pillars. As that right now, it is not.
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