Incorrect information

Incorrect information

Postby Talon Lake » Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:26 pm

There is incorrect pillar information in the help section under Raid Bosses.
"Pillar Wars
After reaching chapter 7, members of galaxy who has completed a level 3 base building can fight or claim one of the 7 unique Pillars as their galaxy building. The battle to fight system over these Pillar is called "Pillar Wars". Once a pillar has been claimed, it can be attack by any of other level 3 galaxy building members. When the pillar is destroyed from the damages accumulated, the top ranking galaxy will receive the pillar, while 2nd-5th place's galaxy members who are in chapter 7+ will receive 5k/4k/3k/2k coupons. In case the top rank galaxy already have a pillar and they choose not to swap, their chapter 7+ players will be rewarded 7K coupon and the new pillar will be passed down to the next ranked galaxy. "
I assume this was for old pillar mechanics.
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