Postby Mike_Valle » Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:52 am

Is anything going to happen to those who have been Boosting like crazy in Arena?

Or If you guys don't feel like taking the time to ban every booster can you at least make it that once u win a purple equip that you can gain points in that item. *if S2 purple Weapon is already won by a person then the next time a S2 weapon is the prize for 1v1,2v2,or 3v3 then that person can still play for crystals. But they won't gain any points themselves, and when they win the losing player loses 2-5 points depending on there points.

At least this way people wont keep boosting to prevent others from winning.

Although punishing the boosters (and i have a LONG LIST is you want it) would be greater, please at least do the 2nd. Thank you.

Mike (G20 leader)
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