Thinking outside the box...

Thinking outside the box...

Postby Darkonne TW » Sat May 11, 2013 3:50 pm

Since the new expansion is coming in two months, I thought I should put my '2 cents' in on something that I thought of quite some time ago.

Besides just adding chapters or changes to WoH, what about adding some new ships? I mean, on the second page of the shipyard, there's only the Level 26, Mobile Fortress, with the 400 Command requirement. However, don't just increase the level requirement, make the hero requirements different. As in, if you were to add 4 new ships, Special 1 through Special 4, let each one have specific hero requirements. For example:

Special 1 will require a hero with Command 300 and War 600.
Special 2 will require a hero with Command 300 and Tech 600.
Special 3 will require a hero with Command 300 and Build 600.
Special 4 will require a hero with Command 400, War 400, Tech 200 and Build 200.

Each type of ship will have it own different type of add-on's, whether it be better defense, better attack or something totally different. However, like the Mobile Fortress, only allow one to be equipped at a time. So if you have a Special 4 equipped, you cannot have a Special 1, Special 2 or Special 3 equipped at the same time. Also, it will throw a wrench into the works as to how certain heroes are built at the higher levels.
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