New update

New update

Postby Talon Lake » Tue May 28, 2013 1:32 am

To start, Cool update. Just a couple questions
"New combat mode: Team up against your own galaxy's pillar boss for coupons. (including level1-3 pillars!)"
I think the Level 1-3 pillars should be explained a bit, not just a note on something that seems less important.. also maybe explain how it works.. do we physically kill our own pillar?!?

* Limited golden heroes (1 per player, promoted from purple via new promotion system)
Will they never come back? Do we get the one for free? How do the stats change if we have one max level?

* Weekly rewards for top ranked players in various categories.
Not a question, but a comment. This seems exploitable, make a deck as big as possible, go all command, have spare all war heroes etc..
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