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ships lost resources PvP

PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2014 3:40 am
by Gizmet
I'd read on some forum that you only get half resources back for ships lost when you lose a PvP battle. But looking at credits gained from my last defense report, and viewing the battle to see how many ships I lost, it seems that I got full credits back (easiest to do math on credits, since there's no adjustment for lab or institute).

Can anyone confirm that when defending you get full resources back for ships lost even if you lose the battle, or is my math off?

And if you do get full resources from a loss, would this just be because I was defending and the half resources return still applies to lost battles when you attack another player?

Re: ships lost resources PvP

PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2014 8:56 pm
by Kalon
Was this against a friendly galaxy? War, Hostile, Neutral, and Friendly galaxies all work differently.

Re: ships lost resources PvP

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2014 6:41 am
by Gizmet
It was an attack from a neutral galaxy. I haven't had a chance/ remembered to look at defense report and view battle since then. But on a losing attack (I sometimes lose battles when I test my army against high power players in search of better people to farm), I found that I got exactly half credits from ships lost (and presumably half "adjusted" value on ore and energy. This seems to indicate that when attacking, your resource losses are only from the reduced return on lost ships (and energy spent to mount the attack).
As I recall, in the defense report, I didn't quite get full credits from the loss, but the difference was only about 10 or 20 k credits, and it was well over half credits for lost ships. This leads me to believe that when you lose a defensive battle, you lose a small amount of resources, but get full return on lost ships (adjusted for lab and institute level). I'd be happy to hear if anyone can confirm or negate this, but I'll also be checking my next few defense reports and viewing the battles to be sure, either way.
I think the key is whether you're attacking or defending, and a defending player gets full resources from lost ships so as to minimize the impact of being farmed.

Re: ships lost resources PvP

PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 3:09 am
by Gizmet
okay, so having now experienced and recorded resource gain/ ship losses in losing battles both as an attacker and as a defender, I can now say with a fair amount of certainty whether you get full or half resources back.
1st, the losing defense battle (from hostile galaxy):
ship losses-30 ms
resources gained- 138,570 cred; 98,820 ore; 50,790 energy
30 ms cost- 30x5000=150,000 cred, 30x5000x.73(ore reduction for lv 27 lab)=109,500 ore, 30x2500x.75(energy reduction for lv 25 inst)=56,250
which indicates that when on defense from hostile galaxy, you lose a little of 10,000 credits and ore and a little over 5000 energy, but get full return on ships lost (adjusted for lab and institute level)
As a losing attacker (against a hostile galaxy)
ship losses- 50 ms, 38,037 fighters
resources gained- 315,185 cred, 230,086 ore, 118,195 energy
50 ms cost---------------- 50x5000=250,000 cred,-----50x5000x.73 (lab adjustment)=182,500 ore,-----50x2500x.75(inst. adjustment)=93,750
38037 fighter cost------ 38037x10=380,370 cred,
total ships cost---------------- 630,370 cred
total ships cost divided by 2 is 315,185 credits. I'm currently building ships on my first planet (as you can see, I just lost a lot), and I'm not sure whether lab and inst. adjustment rounds up or down for fighters, so I've only got the numbers for credits (I'll likely edit this post to be more complete at a latter point). But this would indicate that when you attack a player and lose there's no resources lost, but you only get half resources back for ships.
Both relatively interesting bits of information, in my opinion, as knowing how little actual resources you lose from being attacked would greatly reduce the value of a no PvP card even if you're an all out command guy who's easy pickins for farmers. And knowing that your only resource cost for lost battles is reduced return on ships lost (and energy cost to launch attack), would mean there's less worry when attacking an unknown quantity, especially if you have high lethality defense (although it does indicate that you might want to stick with the significantly more durable ms when testing waters, as fragile fighters can easily make that cost very high).