Any1 else like being cheated?

Any1 else like being cheated?

Postby Mike_Valle » Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:04 pm

Well just to let every1 know. The admin has told me that because GrinlokX has spent so much money that that are personally letting him cheat in the game. And considering Grin knows this i might as well let every1 else know.
Grin (and even some of his galaxy mates) have told me he does and i gave the admin the proof and they don't care.

So, hope u all don't mind Playmage helping G9 win in the game.

Have fun all
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Re: Any1 else like being cheated?

Postby admin » Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:53 am

I nor amyone else in Playmage have made no such comment. The fact of matter is that you sent a few PMs with chat messages from GrinlokX, which none really proves anything as they are obscure and out of context. We cannot just ban a player because of some poor out-of-context chat messages and I am sure you will appreciate this as well if someone took something you wrote in chat and reported to us as evidence of cheating.

We do not have enough data at this point to indicate whether GrinlokX is intentionally surrendering to every G9 player he plays, or he is surrendering to every player he plays.

If you continue to make up such false claims of what admins did not say, I have no choice but to pban you from the forum.
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