Tentative features for the early July expansion.

Tentative features for the early July expansion.

Postby admin » Tue May 28, 2013 12:16 am

Below are the tentative major features being worked on and tested for the early July expansion:

* New Chapter 15 + New Planet.
* New War of Hero Bonus Chapter.
* Increased hero/building/tech level caps (with 2 set of new art, 1 retrofitted for 36-40).
* 2 new WoH skill cards (will help make insane bosses easier).
* 2 new hero (ship battle) skills.
* New combat mode: Team up against your own galaxy's pillar boss for coupons. (including level1-3 pillars!)
* New tier 7 ships (players may only assign 1 T6 or T7 ship)
* New hero grade promotion system that allows all skills to be fully retained.
* Limited golden heroes (1 per player, promoted from purple via new promotion system)
* Weekly rewards for top ranked players in various categories.
* Various improvements based on suggestions (mail flood control, ore mine increases, beta removal, pillar tweaks, etc)

More details will be provided closer to the tentative release date in early July.
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