Server Update 7/10/2013 - "Manifesto" Expansion

Server Update 7/10/2013 - "Manifesto" Expansion

Postby admin » Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:11 am

Update July 10, 2013

"Manifesto" Expansion

* New Chapter
** Get the Space Shield from General Lane at Mille Crag Lake.
** Rewards a new planet after completion.
** Completing the new chapter before next expansion will reward purple gear. (defeating chapter 14 no longer rewards purple gear since it's no longer the final chapter).

* New WoH Chapter
** Drive out the Demon Army in Wastia.
** Requires completion of chapter 15 to access.
** Rewards the final piece of the purple WoH Gear for completion.

* New levels
** Max Building Level increased to 45
** Max Tech Level increased to 45
** Max Hero level increased to 80
** 2 new sets of building graphics added (36-40, 41=45)

* New Hero Skills
** Added two new hero skills (average rarity)
** Cloak: Passive, reduces attackers hit rate. (different from dodge which ignores attacker's hit rate).
** Pierce: When activated, completely ignores all defending fleet's defenses (techs, hero skills, buffs).

* 2 new WoH skills
** Added two new War of Hero Skill Cards
** Nuclear Fission: Explodes and damages all nearby targets if defeated when the debuff is on.
** Poison Dispersion: Spreads poison to nearby enemies.

* Tier 7 Ship: Grand Fortress
** Can be built in level 41 Shipyards.
** Requires 700 command to assign.
** Players may only have 1 T6 or T7 ship assigned.

* Golden Heroes / Hero Promotion System
** Added new Golden Hero Tier.
** Each player may only possess 1 Golden Hero via the new promotion system.
** Green/Blue/Purple heroes can be promoted to the next tier with crystals when they reach max level.
** Promoting to a golden hero will require some golden crystal, which is a very rare raid boss drop.
** The promoted hero will drop to level 1, but will retain all their skills at previous skill level!

* Training Mode
** Requires players to be in chapter 5+
** Create a raid team to fight against your own Galaxy Building Boss. (lv1-3, base building excluded)
** This first fight in the raid is against mirrored image of your raid team for 2 AP. (No ship losses)
** Regardless of win or loss, the next fight is the Galaxy Building Boss which cost 0 AP.
** Coupons rewarded based on boss level and damage dealt. This mode is intended for galaxies who are unable to compete in Pillar Wars.

* Weekly Ranking Rewards
** At fixed count-down time each week, the top 10 players ranked in some categories will get rewarded.
** Currently, the top 10 in Total Power, Army Strength, Tech, Building, Hero, Deck ranks are rewarded. The rank category and reward may change in the future.
** A new week is started immediate and previous winners can be viewed in a Hall of Fame page.
** The reward is sent via mail.

* New lv65 and lv70 purple grade hero gears
** Have a chance to show up in the auction tab of the mall.
** Have a chance to show up in the lottery. Each lottery only contains 2 items.
** Can be drawn from the royal chest, item range changed to 35-70.

* Chapter Gift Boxes (helping newer players catch up to veteran players)
** In addition to start items, new accounts is given Chapter 2 Gift Box that can be opened in chapter 2.
** After reaching new chapter, players are rewarded a Gift Box that can be opened in the next chapter via mail.
** Existing accounts are retro-credited a Gift Box that can be opened at their next chapter on first login via mail.

* Game Improvements
** Remove beta tag from the game logo (expansion contents are still beta)
** Increased ore production of level 31+ Ore Mines by 10%.
** Forget Skill can now be purchased for coupons.
** All races can now research all weapons, but research time for level 21+ will double for non-racial weapons.
** Building ships in the ship factory automatically limit the building amount to max capacity in addition to resource available.
** Pillar damage cap increased from 1m to 2m, starting health doubled.
** Added 1 message per 5 minute mail flood control between strangers (non-friend & non-galaxy member).
** Fix a continuous animation loop bug when upgrading equipment quickly.

* Bonus Daily Chest and Launch Sale Event through 7/14 23:59 server time.
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Re: Server Update 7/10/2013 - "Manifesto" Expansion

Postby admin » Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:31 am

Update July 12, 2013

* Lowered requirements for promoting heroes in the new promotion system.
* Temporarily lowered starting pillar health for future pillars to 210m. We will only slowly increase this back when players get stronger.
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Re: Server Update 7/10/2013 - "Manifesto" Expansion

Postby admin » Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:36 am

Update July 15, 2013

* War of Heroes increased speed option
** Press the 2x button to double the animation speed
** Press the 1x button to return to normal speed
** In WoH raids, if all players use the 2x speed, the round pace should also increase.

* In-game ranking to match weekly reward ranking
** Changed in-game ranking to use same id tie breaker as reward ranking.

* Present boxes can now be tossed.

* Extended the New Expansion event/bonus/sale to July 26.
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