Server Update 02/06/2012

Server Update 02/06/2012

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Update February 6, 2012

- Significantly reduced energy required for attacking to 1 energy per 8000 army strength. However, ore gained from attacks have been reduced by 25%.
- Hero’s war stats will now also add defense in PvP battles, each war stat will cancel out 0.5 of opponent hero’s war stat. (effective attack war stat = higher value of [0, attackWarStat – defendWarStat / 2])
- Due to impact from the change above, the war stat reduction per ship-tier difference have been reduced to 4%.
- Hero score will now include 2000 per war stats in addition to 10k per level. Only the highest 5 hero is added to the total hero score (change effective when player logs in or is attacked/spied).
- Pillar’s defending team selection is now based on total power instead of army strength (prevent players from purposely using smaller army for the first battle).
- Increased experience reward for PvP by 25% (for both regular PvP and Pillar Team vs Team fights).
- Target search function will no longer include galaxy members or friends since you cannot attack them.
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