Server Update 02/13/2012

Server Update 02/13/2012

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Update February 13, 2012

- Heroes in the hero screen will now be automatically sorted by their grade (rarity) first, then sorted by level within each grade.
- When a galaxy takes over a new pillar while have an existing one, they are only giving 1 hour protection instead of 24. Further more, the new Pillar's HP will be the lower amount of 25M and their old pillar's HP + 10M. All personal and galaxy damages from the old abandoned pillar are also copied over to the new pillar.
- Each pillar raid attack can now reduce the pillar's HP by maximum of 1 million. The damages record however is unaffected for ranking/coupon purposes.
- Added galaxy number next to galaxy names in the personal ranking, target search list, and the pillar screen.
- Chat filter will now use * to replace offensive words instead of rejecting the message.
- Super weekend bonus for purchasing gold extended thru Tuesday for Valentine's Day.
- Fixed a bug where friends was appearing in the wrong color in the galaxy list.
- Fixed a bug where chapter N experience becomes too low.
- Misc bug fixes.
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