Server Update 03/06/2012

Server Update 03/06/2012

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Update March 06, 2012

* Attacking players in Phantom Nebula now rewards twice amount of normal PvP experience.
* Increased ore resource reward on PvP (including Phantom Nebula) from 75% of credits amount to 100%.
* The new active offensive hero skill trigger order with the new skill is set to: combo -> critical -> triple -> multiple
* Forget hero skill cost reduced to 20 gold. (Since it's a released within 24 hours, we have manually credited players who purchased before the reduction the gold difference).
* Extended release sale by 1 day.
* Minor bug fixes.

Patched in Later during the day:
* Fixed exp reward for fighting pirates after the first battle.
* New Chapter Map pieces will now have higher chances to drop pieces you current do not already possess.
* If you attack a target an galaxy declared friendly toward you but your galaxy declared hostile toward them, you will gain the resources as if it's hostile relation and the defender will lose resource as if it's friendly relation. (the result status will stay say "Neutral" in the Galaxy diplomacy list)
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