Server Update 03/09/2012

Server Update 03/09/2012

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Update March 09, 2012

* Added equipment Enhancing Gems
** Increases your equipment attribute bonus on success.
** Amount increase and success rate depends on item's grade, the base bonus, and the enhance level.
** Can be found in chests dropped from visits and pirate fights (6% of chests).
** Can be purchased with Coupons or Gold from the mall.
** Allows players to become stronger over time after using the Enhancing Gems, and help them fight tough to defeat bosses.

* Added hero experience report after battles.
** Located in the second tab of the battle report.
** Currently only available to the attacker after the actual battle (does not displayed when replayed from the mail yet).

* Changed so T6 ships will always have 70% chance of being targeted even if it has lower ship-score than other fleets.

* When a pillar is defeated and a galaxy is being rewarded coupons, all members who dealt damage to any pillar in the last 30 hours will now receive full coupon amount (up from 24 hours). In addition if player dealt damage to pillar during the current round but was more than 30 hours ago, they will also receive the full coupon amount. Players who joined galaxy within 4 hours will still receive 0 coupons.

* When a pillar is defeated, all unprotected pillars below 50M hp will now only be repaired up to 5M hp instead of 10M (still capped at to 50M total after repair).

* Minor bug fixes.
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