Server Update 03/19/2012

Server Update 03/19/2012

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Update March 19, 2012

* You can now show-off your hero and equipments to other players via chat, by shift+clicking on an hero name or equipment icon in the hero screen.
* Hero's attribute icon mouse over information now includes break down of base stats and equipment bonuses, as well as a skill add percentage.
* Any members who are inactive for more than 30 days will no longer be eligible of being the galaxy leader regardless of vote count, this new check will happen whenever vote or galaxy members are changed.
* Players under the peace buff can now attack the Phantom Nebula.
* If you have one of the screen open from the bottom context menu (build/hero/army/war/mail/rank/mall), you can now open another one directly which will automatically close the previous one. Also, a new 'c' hotkey will be able to close these screens. (We will extend the mechanism and the close hotkey to other screens and popups in the future).
* Added confirmation dialog when refreshing a tavern that still has a blue or purple hero remaining.
* Misc bug fixes.
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