Server Update 03/26/2012

Server Update 03/26/2012

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Update March 26, 2012

* New tavern refresh mechanism.
** All players will start with a downward counter of 900 for blue (rare) and 9000 for purple (epic) heroes.
** Each refresh multiplier that doesn't generate blue/purple hero will be deducted from the counter respectively.
** A refresh that causes a counter to reach 0 or below will yield a blue or purple hero and restart the respective counter (with rollover deducted)
** Players can still have chance be "lucky" and get a hero before the counter reach 0, in this case the respective counter is reset to 900/9000.
** To compensate for the new guarantee, lucky blue and purple odds have been slightly lowered to 1:900 and 1:9000 respectively.
** Using a level 3 hero card will not change your blue counter, using level 4 hero card will not affect either counter.

* The chat filter is now slightly less restrictive on detective possible bad/spam words.

* The menu hotkeys and the 'c' close hotkey should now work on all dialogs.

* The HP repair amount when other pillars are defeated changed back to 10M, however it will now only repair up to maximum HP of 40M (instead of 50M).

* Fixed a bug where chapter N's elite pirate is requiring level 20 control center (which it shouldn't)

* Fixed a bug where battle report does not include the bonus exp hero earned (display bug).

* Misc bug fixes.
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