Server Update 04/05/2012 - "Easter Event"

Server Update 04/05/2012 - "Easter Event"

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Update April 5, 2012 - "Easter Event"

* Added Easter Event!
** Event lasts from April 5 through April 9.
** Get a free chest drop when logging in.
** Egg Fragments drops at 20% chance when fighting Chapter 6+ enemies from the War menu.
** Combine Egg Fragments into a Bunny Egg Gem.
** Fight Easter Bunny Boss using the Bunny Egg Gem.
** Gold Purchase bonus will last through the event.

* Restored the previous "Home Planet" shortcut, which is no available by clicking on your character name below the head image.
* Reinforcement fleets will now also suffer 50% less casualties.
* You can now enter the Pillar screen to view damage ranking while being ready in a raid team.
* Misc bug fixes.
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