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Server Update 07/08/2014 - "End oF Time" Expansion

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:11 am
by admin
Update July 8, 2014

"End oF Time" Expansion

* New Hero Spirit System
** Added a new type of craftable and enhancable hero equipment.
** Each spirit has a primary bonus (war/command/tech/build) and a secondary that affects ship battles (attack/defense/speed/hit/avoid).
** Spirit is crafted by using one of the 5 crafting NPCs buy paying them credits.
** Crafting with a lower tier NPC has a chance to unlock the next NPC (1 in 3, 5, 10, 100 respectively) for one use.
** Higher level NPC can only craft once after unlocked. If it does not unlock the next level, then you will start with the base NPC again.
** A golden crystal can be used to directly unlock the Gold tier (Grandmaster) NPC crafter for one use.
** Spirits can be enhanced to increase their level up to level 80, by consuming other spirits on the enhance tab.
** Spirits bonuses may increase as they level up through enhancing.
** Hero Spirits are equipped on the base hero tab, toggling "Hero Spirits" button below the inventory slots.

* New Chapter 17
** Challenge Time Devil's unstoppable fleets.
** Fight and defeat the Time Devil for good!

* The 8th Planet
** Complete chapter 17 to unlock the 8th planet!
** Visit friend's 8th planet for the ultimate pirate challenge and get 2X EXP of the 7th planet for winning.

* New Building/Tech Maximum Level Cap.
** Increased building max level to 50 (no new images).
** Increased device/tech max level to 50.

* New Hero Maximum Level Cap.
** Increased max hero level to 85.
** Level require to promote hero unchanged.

* New War of Heroes Arena S4 Set
** Join the tournament to get the improved rewards.
** S3 Set items will be added to the auction list.

* Two New Daily Missions
** Get rewarded for crafting any War of Hero skill cards daily.
** Get rewarded for winning any War of Hero battle (arena, chapter, pirate, raid) daily.

* Game Improvements
** Increased ship damage mitigator from 10% to 12% per tier, from tier 1 fighter to tier 5 motherships. (Fighters are slightly over powered for the power rating and this should help with the deadly leth fighter issue)
** Daily chest spin reward: replaced 5 min speed-up card with 1 hour card.
** Doubled the resource rewards for visiting.
** Increased heal amount of pillar crystals to 5M.
** Minor bug fixes.

Bonus Daily Chest and Launch Sale Event through 7/13

Re: Server Update 07/08/2014 - "End oF Time" Expansion

PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:09 am
by admin
Update July 9, 2014

Fixes and improvements for the above Expansion.

* You can now shift+click a Hero Spirit to show off in Chat!
* Crafting a purple or gold Hero Spirit will now display a message on broadcast.
* Equipping Hero Spirits with higher command now automatically increases your assigned ship similar to other items.
* Misc bug fixes

Re: Server Update 07/08/2014 - "End oF Time" Expansion

PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 5:44 am
by admin
Update August 27, 2014

* Labor Day (US) Event: Extra daily bonus chest (mission advisor) + Bonus Gold Sale.
* Event ends September 2nd.