Server Update 04/23/2012

Server Update 04/23/2012

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Update April 23, 2012

* Top 7 galaxies ranked in total damages will now receive coupon rewards when pillar is destroyed if they do not take the pillar (#6 receives 500 coupons, #7 receives 300 coupons)
* Significantly increased rewards of some of the harder badges. Players who previously completed the changed badges will now be able to claim the (increased) reward again.
* Boss gem fragments and boss gems can now be sold for some credits.
* When galaxy member logs in and logout, a message will be sent to other online galaxy members.
* Royal boxes will now only contain level 25-50 purple items. Players who purchased royal box in the past 7 days and received less than a level 25 item may send me a private message for partial refund based on item level (may take up to 2 days to process)
* Minor bug fixes.
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