Server Update 09/06/2016 - "Sands of Time" Expansion

Server Update 09/06/2016 - "Sands of Time" Expansion

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Update September 06, 2016 - "Sands of Time" Expansion

* New Chapter 19, "Planet Sanddrop"
** Challenge the new hardest bosses in the game.
** Added chapter 19 missions and rewards
** 10 more coins to collect, +10.5% exp for entire set!

* Added 9th Planet
** Rewarded for completing chapter 19
** Command Center starts at level 35

* Level Cap Increases
** Increase hero level cap to 100
** Increased hero spirit level cap to 90

* 2nd Gold Heroes
** You may now promote a second golden hero
** There will be no increase to this limit in the near feature.

* Added Level 80 equipments
** With noticeable stat increase (116/96/80), better investment than the current top coupon gear.
** The mall equipments, auction tab equipment, and royal box level ranges increased to include the new max level items!

* Other Improvements
** Maximum pillar damage to 2M per player, encourage team formation.
** Increased 10% time/resource building/skill level cap from 20 to 30 to help new players.
** added "do not warn me again" option the the change equipment confirmation dialog.

Note: Building/Tech levels were not increased at this time due to too few players have to level buildings. We may increase them in a future update. Please keep in mind that this mini expansion was made with limited time and resources available.
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