Server Update 05/17/2012

Server Update 05/17/2012

Postby admin » Thu May 17, 2012 5:17 am

Update May 17, 2012

* Raid team leaders can now also invite friends in addition to galaxy members to participate in gem boss raids. (Pillar raids still restricted to galaxy members).
* Pillar bosses will now fire all 4 types of weapons, 1 each round (each boss have their own firing order), instead of being the same weapon type previously.
* Added an optional mission list to the upper left corner of the screen. (Press the arrow to toggle open/close).
* Win% ranking now requires 100 total battles to be ranked, and will use exact percentage as tie breaker (although only the whole number percentage is displayed, if exact percentage is also same, then win count is used as tie breaker)
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