Server Update 06/08/2012

Server Update 06/08/2012

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Update June 8, 2012

* Simplified the tiered pillar repair cost table.
** 0-20M: 1 ore for 2 HP (unchanged)
** 20M-40M: 1 ore for 1.5 HP (unchanged)
** 40M+: 1 ore for 1 HP

* Mouse-overing the chat window will now bring it to the front so other dialogs will not block it. You can also now type into the chat area when the Mall window is open.

* Entered chat message will no longer clear when your previous message shows up in the chat.

* Increased the bonus gold for the first purchase bonus promotion. The first purchase records has been reset, so everyone can take advantage of the increased bonus!

* Purchasing the highest gold package will now include a free 24-Hour Speed Up card sent via game mail. (Also applies to the 1500/3100 gold packages via Trialpay)

There will likely be no more gameplay tweaks for the next couple weeks as we will be busy finishing and testing the new expansion!
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