Server Update 07/10/2012

Server Update 07/10/2012

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Update July 10, 2012

* Client performance optimization: Setting effects to "none" in the setting menu will now disable scrolling announcements, which can cause the client to lag.
* AI/auto will no longer try to use punch skill on enemies it can't damage.
* To reduce invite spam generated by surge of new players, a limit of 10 friend invites per day is added. Please only send invite to those who you know or have agreed to become friends.
* Fixed a bug where player can be invited in middle of a summoner fight.
* Fixed a bug where player was allowed to join summoner fight in progress by accepting old invite, thus cause weird side effects.
* Fixed a bug where resource won from summoner raid doesn't update in status bar immediately.
* Misc bug fixes

Coming soon: Team vs Team War of Hero fights!
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