Server Update 07/17/2012

Server Update 07/17/2012

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Update July 17, 2012

* To allow players to hire command heroes for "War of Heroes" without increasing their total power in the main game, the potential army strength part of total army score will now skip the re-assign algorithm for both fully assigned highest command and highest war heroes. UPDATE: Now it will also try to fully assign war heroes that are already partially assigned when calculating potential army strength.
* Fixed the AUTO AI to not use punch skill that they can't hurt. (Previously on the the enemy AI was fixed).
* Fixed a bug where coupon purchased backpack does not auto add inventory slots, but placed a backpack item in your inventory that needs to be used first.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes snipers target movement range units without moving first.
* Misc bug fixes.

The Team vs Team "War of Heroes" feature should be released soon (end of this week or early next). Get ready to earn some awesome prizes!
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