Server Update 10/30/2012 - "Cursed Destiny"

Server Update 10/30/2012 - "Cursed Destiny"

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Update October 30, 2012

"Cursed Destiny" Expansion

* Expanded Storyline
** Added 2 new exciting chapters (no additional map unlocks required for players who finished chapter 11)
** Unlock the 6th planet by completing chapter 13 (starts with lv 20 control center & emplacement)
** Added Metal World Gem Boss (fragment drops for chapter 12+ players, select boss from the second page of the "Gems" tab in raid team creation flow)
** Added New Royal hero equipment set - purchasable with coupons in the Mall.

* Expanded War of Heroes
** Added 3 New WoH Skills Cards: Heal, Repel (damage + pushback), Laser (AoE damage)
** Added a New WoH Boss
** Added 3 WoH bonus chapters (unlocked after main story chapter 3, 7, 10. use map screen to access)
** Added new main character equipment set
** All snipers have both Attack and HP increased by 1
** Card rating location moved to the top where it's more visable
** Maximum deck size set to 40 (previously was limited to 39 naturally)

* Increase Level Caps
** Maximum Hero Level increased to 70
** Maximum Building Level increased to 35
** Maximum Tech Level increased to 35

* Pillar Changes
** Added pillage damage ranking in the galaxy setting's rank screen (damage counting starting from expansion, resets if change galaxy)
** Pillar maximum health increased to 200M.
** Newly claimed pillar will have higher starting life value.

* Special Event
** Limited time Halloween Boss (fragments drop until 11/4, boss available until next event)
** Bonus event chest given out every day until 11/4.
** Added limited time Halloween hero equipments purchasable via coupons in the mall. (to be removed in couple weeks)

* Misc Improvements and Changes
** Switching equipments to a different "build" attribute bonus now automatically adjust task time (no long preventing switching to lower build value).
** Switching equipments to a different "command" attribute bonus now automatically can now automatically adjust ships assigned (increases only if previous fully assigned, decreases if accept prompt to change)
** The 1 attack per hour limit applied to both victory defeat when attack another player's planet (previous only applied when attacker wins)
** When bidding Auction items in the Mall, galaxy member's bids will appear in gold italics.
** Increased resource generation for building lvl26-30
** Minor bug fixes
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