Discussing New Skills for 7/10/2013 - "Manifesto" Expansion

Discussing New Skills for 7/10/2013 - "Manifesto" Expansion

Postby VoSuperKnight » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:57 pm

I thought I can gather what I can find on the skills so far to help others as well. (That is, in addition to what it says on the update.) What have you guys found out so far? Would be nice if you guys help us know the % for each additional level.

(Name in update / name on item / name when actually put on)

1. Cloak / Hide Skill / Stealth mode
"Level 1: Decreases the accuracy of incoming attacks by 3%"
Patch update stated: ** Cloak: Passive, reduces attackers hit rate. (different from dodge which ignores attacker's hit rate).

2. Pierce / Penetrate / Armor piercing
"Level 1: 14% to ignore all armor and defenses of the targeted fleet."
Patch update stated: ** Pierce: When activated, completely ignores all defending fleet's defenses (techs, hero skills, buffs).

Feel free to discuss whether you think it's good as well. Pierce seems to be good for the chapters, right? It ignores tech, hero skills, and buff.

Quick reference to the patch update:
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