Tabs in the Mall

Tabs in the Mall

Postby Darkonne » Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:09 pm

There should be a slight change and an addition to the tabs in the mall.

First off, there should be a 5th tab in the mall. It should be for Lotto items, even if it is just three things up every rotation. I mean, sure, equipment lotto is obvious, but you can also have a mystery lotto as well. It could have prizes of magic books, upgrade books, hero cards 2 through 4, speedup 1, 4 and 24, backpacks and treasure/royal boxes. It's a way to keep things random and interesting.

Secondly, the Equip tab, should be changed slightly to White levels 5 through 50, Green levels 5 through 50, and Blue levels 5 through 40. Especially now with the higher level purple equipment, the blue items are not as high demand as they used to be.

The 1st tab, Goods (Gold Buy), should stay as is.
The 2nd tab, Equip, should be updated.
The 3rd tab (new one) should be for Lotto.
The 4th tab, Auction, should be for Blue level 45+, Purple 40+ and misc items and skills.
The 5th tab, Coupons, should stay as is.
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Re: Tabs in the Mall

Postby Talon Lake » Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:21 pm

I like this.
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