Yellow Crystals

Yellow Crystals

Postby Piotrek » Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:25 am

Please do something with them. Everytime I amd doing something Hard (Summoner or General) I am getting 4/5 prizes yellow crystals. There is almost always 1/2 prizes of them. In Hard should be max 15% yellows and in Insane around 5%. The most needed crystals are greens! Everybody has already around 10k yellow crystals to 100 greens and what to do with that amount of them? Cannot sell them, cannot trade... We need a shop to change crystals or trade in tavern into other colour.
How looks getting prizes?
I told you... I got 4/5 almost everytime! I don't think I have so heavy bad luck!

P.S. Where are greens?!

Damn! Today I can say I have the most unlucky day ever! 1st time in history I got 5x 20 yellow crystals without any other prize!

Would be great also if there will be 3rd raid to do where would be no more yellow crystals only greens and better. I say NO!!! to yellow crystals! The most annoying prize ever in this game.

Please do something with them PLEASE!!!
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