New Ships from Future Updates

New Ships from Future Updates

Postby Darkonne » Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:41 am

We all know it is going to happen eventually. Page 2 of the Shipyard has 3 available slots.
My only concern is that I hope those new ships can't only be gained by even newer equipment.

Going back and touching my subject matter last May, I believe it would be good to have a secondary requirement. However, my initial assessment was extreme, I see that. Seeing as the newest ship, Grand Fortress(T7), requires 700 Command, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to have the (T8) ship require 800 Command and maybe 150 Tech.

And yes, Talon, I remember your reply from last May, about how it could screw over older players. Yet if you think about it, when you are getting to these upper echelon category of ships, you could get that 150 Tech from the tertiary stats from purple equipment. So it is not that bad. It is just planning ahead and possibly moving around equipment.

Continuing on with the ships:
The (T8) ship, 'Destroyer', with 800 Command and 150 Tech, would have a benefit of better Attack and have Speed (2), so it is faster than a (T6) and (T7)
The (T9) ship, 'Protector', with 800 Command and 150 Build, would have a benefit of better Defense and have Speed (0), so it is slower than all ships

These two ships would bring a new strategy to the game.

And finally the (T10), or X, as it would appear in the War Chapters. I know this one won't appear until at least two updates from now.
This 'Flagship' would most likely have either 900 or 1000 Command, which can both be attained through current equipment.

Any other ideas?
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