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I think I agree with most of what you said Piotrek. Lower pillar hp does seem more likely to give smaller galaxy's better chance to hit top 3 spots. All raising pillar hp did was give top 3 galaxies longer to establish their rank, and make it so the rest of the galaxies are playing a game of "hope they finish off the pillar while our rank is good."
I'm not totally sure about the damage cap, I'd say it depends on how many players are hitting damage cap. I've actually been thinking there could be a fairly simple formula for determining whether to raise it or lower it. If more than 20% (or maybe 15% or 10%) of players hitting pillars hit pillar for damage cap on 75% or more of their hits, than raise damage cap. If fewer than 5% (or mayber 3% or 2%) of players hitting pillar hit pillar for damage cap on 75% or more of their hits, then lower damage cap. I feel a formulaic method like this of setting the damage cap would be a useful way to adjust it somewhat regularly (like say with each update), that way as more players start becoming more powerful, the damage cap raises, and if it turns out it's too high (I'd imagine this would likely only be the case with the first adjustment, if at all), it can be adjusted down.
I would love to be able to get upgrade books with coupons, but imagine devs will prolly want to keep those as gold only so players have a reason to buy gold. And speaking as a non-gold buyer (I did get some through an offer recently, but that was more of a one time thing that I probably won't be able to do on a regular basis), I'm okay with that.
I disagree with lev 4 hero card for coupons (especially if cheap), although maybe lev 3 hero is reasonable. It just seems like it would make things too easy. While it did take a long time to get my first purple, it was a good feeling to "finally" get it, and I don't think there would be that same feeling of accomplishment if I just got 10 purps handed to me on a silver platter. Also, players who are buying gold should be buying gold for something, and if their best perks (like lv 4 hero) can be gotten without gold, than why would they bother? And lv 4 hero does show up at auction (I got one there, saving for 5th planet, 'cause I don't have a lv 1 tavern), so it's not like there aren't ways to get it. Also, it doesn't really take that long (especially if you use vip card you start out with) to fill your hero slots with blues, most players I know who haven't don't because they either plan on promoting a green that they put a good skill on, or because they have some strange aversion to firing their greens so they can be replaced with blues.
Obviously, I would like new ways to get coupons, or just more things to do in general (I've an idea for a "casual play" arena, but that's gonna be a seperate post), but that's a fairly vague request. Specifics would be fairly useful.
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