"casual play" options?

"casual play" options?

Postby Gizmet » Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:08 am

So I've started to notice lately that I can fairly quickly use up all my ap and then I stop playing to do other things for a few hours while it regens. And I play this game fairly obsesively. For many players this translates to just 5 min of time world a day. Which makes it harder to get groups for WoH raids, gem bosses, or pillar raids. Now I figure playmage would like us to be glued to the screen for as much time as possible instead of just 5 min a day, as this would mean more time to decide to click on their ads, more time thinking "hmmm, maybe I should just go ahead and buy some gold," etc.
So I'm thinking it would be nice to have more to do that doesn't use up ap.
Specifically, my idea would be a "casual play" arena that doesn't have rewards, but doesn't use ap (ideally both an auto-match version, which I'd imagine wouldn't be a terribly difficult option for devs to just add to the already existing arena tab, and a "challenge" version, where you could challenge friends or galaxy mates to a friendly battle). This would allow players to test out their decks, without having to worry about the commitment involved in trying to finish 20, 10, or 5 arena matches, and without feeling like they wasted ap to enter arena with a deck that turned out to clearly not be up to snuff against the competetion. Obviously, there would have to be no rewards (or maybe just a "reduce time 5 min" which is basically the same thing) to prevent abuse, or maybe limit players to say 10 casual play arena matches a day (probably still shouldn't have rewards). I don't think this would significantly affect players trying to progress through the game as they would still want to improve their decks to win in "casual play."
Another no ap "casual play" idea I had would be an option of challenging friends or galaxy members to a "training battle." No ap used, no ships lost, no resources gained, and no "power" limitations. Just the battle animation and report (would still include damaged ships, just wouldn't actually take away those ships). I think this would be a great way for players to see how they stack up against their friends and galaxy mates. And it would be kind of fun to train against one of my op friends or top galaxy members, just to watch them completely crush my fleet, or as I get farther along, vice versa.
And with these two options, players would tend to linger online a bit longer, as well as interact more, which would create a better chance to fill out raid groups and all that other fun stuff. Just a thought.
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Re: "casual play" options?

Postby Dark2Elf » Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:16 am

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